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Freeride and Research

We are from Sibеria

We like ride, ski-tour and research new spots.

Most of us ride splitboards, and we do this since 2012 year.

Our native spots: Sheregesh, Luzhba and all Podnebesnye zub’ya

Orlenko Konstantin
Alpinizm since 1999 (2 category)
Backcountry since 2009
First Aid course (
Alp course (
Tactics course (
Avalanche course (
Baev Dmitry
Alpinizm and mountaineering since 2003
Snowboarding since 2003
Backcountry since 2009
Orlenko Elizaveta
Snowboarding since 2005
Backcountry since 2007
Korolkov Ilya
hiking and mountaineering since 2004
Backcountry since 2007
Asanov Pavel
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